Service Consulting
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Service Consulting

Understanding, technical knowledge & experience

While information technology is further seen as a critical requirement, organizations are having trouble with strengthening their corporate information technology assets to expected levels, due to the complexity of information technology solutions.


With over 13 years of experiences of deploying enterprise solutions, We have put together strategic methodologies based on accumulated extensive knowledge and know-how on implementing information technology solutions for organizations.


We understand the importance of continuous dialogue and listening to our clients’ detailed requirements to understand what they need for their business. Our skilled and knowledgeable team take pride in getting to know your business processes and procedures, to help you devise an IT strategy that serves your business and its workforce effectively.


Alongside this business understanding, technical knowledge and experience is essential, and we offer this with expert IT advice and support. We encourage regular on-site, face-to-face meetings, and maintain regular and consistent communication to provide the best service possible.


A broad-minded approach is essential in generating innovative ideas for your business IT, so we encourage fresh thinking as well as making use of established resources. One of our biggest strengths as an IT consultancy is our extensive range of skills and expertise, so we enjoy exploring this spectrum to offer solutions that contribute to your business’ success.



We collaborate with clients to develop processes that harness their knowledge and creativity in order to develop corporate strategies that are comprehensive, innovative and effective. WE help clients jumpstart their strategic planning initiatives, provide a process to cultivate new ideas and the direction required for them to evolve into sound business initiatives.


Service Offerings
Plan Development
  • Integrate management input during this process and also identify roadblocks and models scenarios to determine optimal plan parameters
  • Combine extensive experience, comprehensive research and exhaustive analysis to create a full strategic plan
Creative Strategy Development
  • Lead workshops and brainstorming sessions to generate a comprehensive range of ideas for analysis and critique critique as part of initial plan development process
Innovation Process
  • Analyze current innovation processes from concept through launch
  • Establish or enhance existing processes to align innovation processes across all relevant departments


Process & Transformation

We address the whole business change, not just the individual components. Business change is complex because of the inter dependencies between the business environment, the organisation, its people and supporting technologies; any change in one aspect will affect one or more of the others.


Business transformation is the process of translating a high level vision for the business into new services. It involves developing a ‘blueprint’, translating it into programmes of business change and implementation of new services. Our experience suggests cultural change is the most important consideration. For example, according to best practice guidance, about 80% of the effort and resources required for successful IT-related change are or should be deployed on the ‘soft’ aspects of business change, such as changing behaviours, process re engineering and providing training at the right time. Only 20% is required for the IT. Methodology


Understanding Gain a thorough understanding of the business environment, the organisation and its culture
Planning Set the strategic direction, communicate at all levels –
where organisation is going and why
Implementing Establish Change Programme, led by manager empowered as Change Champion to make things happen. Support people through training and development
Controlling Control the Change process, expect the unexpected, track progress, continuous improvement, take learnings into account, design new relevant processes and structures, manage relationships, manage IT development and implementation


Project & Programme Management

Our Project Management approach is much more than a set of rigid processes and tasks carried out by a project manager, it is defined by a combination of the roles and responsibilities of individuals assigned to the project, the organisational structure that sets out clear reporting arrangements and the set of processes to deliver the required outcome. It ensures that everyone involved knows what is expected of them and helps to keep cost, time and risk under control.


Using Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Managing Successful programmes (MSP) as our methodology, we will define a programme using a combination of the following information:


  • Vision Statement
  • Blueprint
  • Business Case
  • Organisation
  • Project Portfolio
  • Benefit Profiles
  • Stakeholder Map


We pay particular attention to ensuring that Business Case Management, Benefits Management, Stakeholder Management, Risk and Issue Resolution, Programme Planning and Control and Quality Management are all applied with professionalism and in line with practitioner expertise, to ensure effective delivery. This mitigates any adverse impact on the programme of change to the timing, cost, quality, or scope of any one project.

Our Ethos



Complete transparency with all aspects of a project from conception to delivery. The client is completely informed on our analysis, costs, proposed solutions, research and development.



We are passionate about creativity, but we focus on producing work that achieves the best outcome for our clients.



We will always be there to support you from the conception and inception of your project. We ensure that the entire process user-friendly and transparent and go the extra mile to make our clients and customers happy.



We adopt an agile approach, being able to adapt and react to changes as they occur. We pride ourselves on exceptional, high standards of service delivery and on the personal interest it takes on every project.