Generiss is an advanced online shopping platform that provides unique functionality, remarkable control and adaptability.

Taking your business to the next level

Having an online shop designed and developed is an important project and often times, taxing. It can be a significant investment which needs to be properly managed like any other aspect of your business.

Even after online shop is up and running, management and maintenance can be a full time job and the decision for most small businesses is often where and when to do it yourself and when to delegate.

For a fixed monthly fee we will design, develop, manage, host and grow your web and social media presence making sure it’s driving value into your organisation. In other words, you get your own web team on call.

The perfect partner for your online business

We know each of our clients by name, just like they know us. There are no customer account numbers, no automated voice systems, no phone trees, and no unhelpful support forums.

  • Each of our clients is personally partnered with their own webmaster.
  • You’ll have the direct phone number and personal email to a dedicated professional who knows you and your website. We don’t just design your site for you, we manage it for you as well. We also set up and update your social media channels for you.
  • If you ever need a website design change, revision, fix, troubleshooting or tweaks, we’re on-call and ready to take care of it. You’ll also have login access to easily add your products, manage orders, and create blog articles.

Choose your Generiss Eshop Plan to start your free 14 days

All plans include your own domain name and email, live chat and visitor reports