• Generiss provide me great service at little cost. Its like having my own in house IT Team. Response is quick and efficient. Great job guys - David (HUBLOCKER)
  • Great job hosting, designing and developing the summit’s web based, easy to use events management solution which addressed every aspect of the summit’s life cycle: from planning, marketing and registration to post-event analysis and event data management. Particularly impressive was the ticketing eCommerce platform where delegates were able to book and pay for tickets and products. - Lucy (AFCLive 2017)
  • The service, cost and total ease of setting up my online shop was impressive. I had everything set up within 24 hours and i was ready to have all my products uploaded. Generiss even helped with editing some of my content at no extra cost. I especially love that you can email changes to my website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Well done!” - Ade (Forks & Fingers (UK))


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Generiss platform democratizes your product offering across possible touchpoints.

Whether your customers are using their tablet to access the Internet or surfing on their smartphones while at work, they can easily locate you. Moreover, your site is more accessible through search engines.

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Streamlined & Intuitive
analysis dashboard

Access real time details on daily sales, customer spending patterns, average sales, estimated sales, frequently used payment methods, etc.

Get all critical data and charts for your e-commerce operations at a glance. Your account comes with a great e-commerce store dashboard that gives you a snapshot of how well your web store is doing today. It's all there ready to use for you.

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Sell anything.

Designed for your products

Whether it be t-shirts in all their shapes and sizes, music files or software. Even affiliated products from a marketplace. It's all possible.

Payment Gateways: Receive credit card payments online

Accept credit cards, cheques, BACS, and cash on delivery payments.

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Ship it wherever you like.

  • Set delivery area & charges
  • Offer free shipping
  • Offer flat-rate shipping
  • You can easily configure your shop to only ship your products to a specific country, area or postcode

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